My Favorite Webified Financial Tools

Loan Tools
Tool's Purpose Clear Here to Access
Calculate Your Monthly Payment Payment Calculator
How Can You Borrow? How Much
If you increase the payment,
how long till the loan is paid off?
How Long
If you pay for 'x' months,
how much do you still owe?
What's the Balance
Some Investment Tools
Future Value of monthly payments for
a given duration
Future Value of Inv
How much do I need in investments to
provide a future stream of income
equal to a level of buying power expressed
in today's dollars?
Today's Buying Power Tomorrow
Military Retiree Excursions
What is the Net Present Value of my
future retired pay receipts including
annual COLA adjustments?
NPV of Retired Pay
As I prepare to retire, how much to I need
to earn in order to retain an equal
level of buying power; with and without
including my retirement pay?
Buying Power Retention