Infusing technology to drive customer value

The express purpose of is to drive value for the customer through the infusion of technological opportunity within a business context.

Core capabilities:

  • Data Analysis, Mapping and Design
  • Information Architecture and Delivery
  • Web site and content development
  • User-focused technology training and coaching
  • Technology Solution consulting

Examples of solutions:

  • Designed and deployed a data-centric collection, integration and reporting solution to support the global assessment and strategic recommendations of the Transition Team for the past three incoming Chief of Staff, Army.
  • Developed a information strategy to sustain customer, internal leadership and employee information and communications requirements and to drive the transformation of existing operating procedures.
  • Developed and deployed several websites to provide operational, informational, and knowledge sharing enhancements for several organizations with a broadly distributed user community.
  • Created a Data Integration process to transform legacy data into a common language structure. Developed data models and documented source and transformation processes. Implemented an appropriate security model. Published procedures to access data and trained users. The audience for this data is global.
  • Created a training plan to instruct analysts on how to employ new technologies using current, active examples relative to their workplace. Developed examples on the fly in order to illustrate how these tools could be applied to the user's day-to-day operations.

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